The Fat Loss Arsonist is a downloadable ebook about how for the first time in my life I got to a healthy weight for my body type. It outlines a simple, effective plan that works for most people. I got my skyrocketing cholesterol under control and quit yo-yo dieting for good. I believe that if you're willing to make a change, it could work for you.

The cost of the book is based on what I call a "results based economic model". You owe me 1 $ for every pound lost using this book. If you lose 30 pounds, it's $30. Donation button is below.

This is of course a tongue-in-cheek statement, there is no way for me to enforce such a policy.

I do believe that enough people who really want to make a positive change in their lives will donate. I know that I would gladly give $50 to learn how to change my life and drop my initial 50 pounds.

For now just download your free copy below. Read it and then implement the tactics. Your excess body fat won't stand a chance!

I hope you crush your goals.

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