#25. 20 Things We Would Have Told Ourselves In Our 20's

Phil and Chad look back on their lives and come up with some practical advice they would have given their younger selves. They give advice in the field of relationships, career, health, and family. We hope you enjoy this conversation. Thanks for listening and let us know what you thought about the new approach! www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass


#24. Untethered

In this episode, Phil discusses why he took a break from the podcast and from politics in general. It's a big tetherball game and the other side is cheating. Phil offers a solution and the solution is difficult. It requires every single individual to take responsibility for our country and our future. Thanks for listening!


#23. Treasons Greetings From The Wiretap!

Mike Flynn is working with the Mueller investigation. 

This is bad news for the Trump administration. We aren't at the end of this debacle by a long shot. In the final episode of 2017 Chad and Phil talk about the latest developments in the investigation, Chad orders a McDonald's peppermint mocha in his new car, and the duo recap 2017.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!



#22. Like Watergate With Stupid People

Indictments are in! This holiday season we are thankful for Robert Mueller. Paul Manafort is going down and George Popodopolous is working with the Mueller investigation. The question is what's coming next? Who's going to turn next and what's going to happen to the already embattled Trump administration? Phil and Chad discuss on this special holiday episode of The Wiretap!

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#21. The Harvey Weinstein Fallout, Listener Q and A

The allegations are mounting against Hollywood media mogul Harvey Weinstein. Phil and Chad discuss the Weinstein assaults and their implications on society and the entertainment community. How do you approach someone you're interested in romantically in a society on edge about rape culture?

Phil and Chad also answer a few questions from twitter and the website. We're happy to answer any questions you throw our way! www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass



#20. Tragedy and Malevolence- The Las Vegas Shooting

Phil and Chad welcome recent emmy winner Patrick Clark to the podcast. We discuss the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas and the implications for policy changes if ANY.

This is a very heated topic and divisive issue. Let us know what you thought about it, www.twiter.com/bobknowsbass

#19. Inside ANTIFA

Phil interviews two members of ANTIFA. Boris and Gordon are two young men who are heavily involved in the far left political movement. This episode may change your perceptions about the anti-fascist movement and its members. We discuss current events in Charlottesville and local protests. The conversation is enlightening and informative. Let us know what you thought about it. www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass

#17. Sisyphus And The Burden Of Existence

1:15- AHCA Failure

4:23- Disneyland Star Wars sneak preview

17:00- Comic book days

20:30- Albert Camus essay on the myth of Sisyphus

43:00- Application of the Sisyphus myth to Democrats

54:30- Vomit Stories!

Huffington Post article on Trump and Sisyphus- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephen-schlesinger/trump-and-the-myth-of-sis_b_12994914.html

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#16. Illogical Rhetoric

Discourse has a taken a dangerous turn in recent years. Chad and Phil dive into the three components of Classical Rhetoric, logos, pathos and ethos and how it applies in the Trump era. They discuss the toxic political environment that helped to elect Trump in the first place and how to fix America's political problems moving forward. Tweet us! www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass


#14. Nero J. Trump

May 2017 was a historic month in U.S. politics. So much is unraveling in the Trump administration that it's hard to keep up. In this episode Phil and Chad unpack an unprecedented four weeks. Trumps character, or lack thereof is making it's presence known and the world is suffering for it. Hopefully, Rome won't burn to the ground in the process. Tweet us! www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass



#13. Talking With Your Conservative Facebook Friends

Mike Reynaga comes onto the show for full on, drag em out CIVIL DISCOURSE! We all have times when we want to let our conservative friends know a piece of our minds over social media. This episode was an experiment in what the difference would be when you disagree with someone during a face to face conversation rather than over a Facebook post. You may find that the conversation would be far less divisive and you would agree on more things than expected. Enjoy and let us know what you thought! www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass



#11. Another One Bites The Dust

Bill O'Reilly, Alex Jones, Tami Lahren. The pieces just keep falling apart for Conservative media. Who's next and what are the implications for other cable news shows? Chad and Phil talk about the double edged sword of consumer outrage. 

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#10. The North Korea Problem

Phil and Chad unpack the tense situation going with North Korea and what can go wrong when two completely unhinged and irrational world leaders start grunting threats at each other. Follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/bobknowsbass and let us know you're listening.





#9. Syria-sly?

Chad is back on the podcast! We discuss Trumps Syrian missile attack... or as we put it, a $94 million distraction. We dissect the current state of the Russian investigation, tactics for dealing with a stressful political climate and our high school days. Follow the show on twitter www.twitter.com/Bobknowsbass





#8. Self-Mastery With Alan Part 2

On part 2 of Phil's conversation with former Filter guitarist Alan Bailey, the duo get into practice, teaching and general training. They discuss common myths about musical talent, preconceived notions about studying music and how the principles of mastery apply to all aspects of life.

"You are what you do."

This podcast is for musicians, teachers, students and for anyone who wants to improve themselves to any capacity. There are many gems here and resources for everyone to dig into.




#7. Self-Mastery With Alan Part 1

Phil brings on Alan James Bailey, guitarist and general badass onto the show for the first of two podcasts. Alan has played and toured professionally with Filter and continues to perform and teach guitar in the Burbank area. The first part of the conversation is focused on the fundamental American institutions at risk with Trump in the White House. Phil roped Alan into a half hour conversation about politics under the pretense that they would get to training and teaching, which they get to on part two. Many thanks to Alan for agreeing to be on the show. 


#6. Health, Music And Goals With Graham

Phil welcomes longtime friend, comedian and musician Graham Beightol to the podcast. They discuss the failed attempt at the Obamacare recall/replacement, reminisce on the early days of their comedy rock band Bob Knows Best and talk about their goals moving forward.

Graham gives a rave review to Phil's book, The Fat Loss Arsonist. Look for a future show where Graham reaches his fitness goals!

Here's a link to Phil's book http://philromo.com/the-fat-loss-arsonist/

Many thanks to Graham for coming on to the show and sharing a few laughs.