Thanks to Jeff Page for joining us on our third episode. Phil unpacks the Michael Flynn situation, Jeff and Phil discuss the nature of Trumps character, Phil then gives a thorough rundown on chief strategist Steve Bannon and how his worldview shapes Trumps presidency. Jeff and Phil discuss the travel ban and the bans constitutional validity. 

0:00-2:30- Introductions

2:30-7:00- The Michael Flynn resignation

7:00-17:30- A discussion about Trumps personality

17:30-24:00-Jeff and Phil talk about the two part system and the possibility of a third party

24:00-38:00- Steve Bannon and his worldview

38:00-43:20- The travel ban, Jeff and Phil have all out, knock em down CIVIL DISCOURSE

43:20-48:30- Closing thoughts, the silver lining

A fantastic blog post on the incompetence of evil.