The major news networks are on the chopping block and some say that it's exactly what they deserve.

On the inaugural episode of The Wiretap Phil Romo and Chad Costello discuss the origins of how The Wiretap came to be. Phil delves into the history of the media in America and Chad discusses the failure of the media to hold people in power accountable. Phil and Chad ponder the future of a 4th estate that values ratings over journalistic integrity. They discuss Trumps utter disdain for news organizations that are critical of his administration and what the future could hold for a free press that is no longer free. 

A link to an infograph that can help you decide your sources based on quality and partisan bias

Phil recommends supporting at risk news sources that offer high quality content. If you like the work that The Washington Post has done covering Trump, consider a subscription. The Wiretap is not associated with The Washington Post in any regard.

Chad wants you to be informed about the future of Democratic party leadership. Watch this video on the DNC debates from January 18th, 2017.

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