In this post I will continue with my fat loss progress for the remainder of 2014. Every Wednesday I took a shirtless picture of myself on my iPhone and emailed the picture of myself with my goal weight, actual weight and other details like my belt loop and activities I was doing. The text of these emails will be in the caption below each photo. I went through ups and downs, successes and failures, wins and losses but I came out on top. It's really great to see these pictures again and revisit this dramatic change I made in my life. I hope you get something out of it.

4/9/14- Goal weight 204. Weight 197. 3rd belt loop.

4/12/14- Goal weight: 203 actual weight 194. 4th belt loop!

4/23/14- Goal weight 202. Weight- 193 4th belt loop.

4/30/14- Goal weight 201 actual weight 192. 4th belt loop. Started kettlebell training.

5/7/14- Goal weight- 200 actual weight 191. 4th belt loop

5/14/14- Goal weight 199. Actual weight 191. Stuck on plateau. 4th loop

5/21/14- Goal weight:198 actual weight:189. Broke through plateau. 4th belt loop loose!

5/28/14- Goal weight 197 actual weight 188. 4th belt loop.

6/4/14- Goal 196 weight 187

6/11/14- Goal weight: 195. Actual weight: 185. Biking every day.

6/18/14- Goal weight: 194 Actual weight: 182. 5th belt loop. Daily bike commutes.

6/25/14- Goal weight: 193 Actual weight: 183. Recovering from a big backslide weekend.

7/2/14- Goal 192 weight 184.. Big time back slide. Return to form now.

7/9/14- Goal 191. Weight 183. Another bad weekend. Must get on the ball.

7/16/14- Goal 190 weight 182. Still recovering and refocusing.

7/23/14- Goal 189 weight 184.

7/31/14- 182

This is where  it ends. I stopped logging my progress at this point. The initial goal was 175 but I was very satisfied with my progress up to this point. I had completely changed my appearance and my habits. Everyone I knew commented on my weight loss. Everyone. It was weird. Once I shaved my beard, I freaked out when I looked in the mirror. I honestly didn't recognize myself. It's a very strange feeling not to look at yourself and recognize what you see. 

I rode out the rest of the year hovering around 185 and feeling great. Riding my bike and being active. I got my road bike in August 2014, a Cannondale CAAD 10. I loved it. I was out every weekend. 

Love at first sight

Life was good, very good. New body, new bike and a new lease on life. My interest in road bikes eventually led to an interest in mountain biking as well. I was hooked on all things with two wheels. 

This is where things get... complicated shall we say? Until next time.

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