Certain angels enter your life and change the course of it. My bass teacher, Louis Johnson was one of those. I'm going to tell you know about one of my bass/guitar students changed my whole idea about what being healthy was.

Rick is a few years older than me. Starting lessons with an adult beginner is always a little awkward because you are trying to establish a student/teacher relationship and yet you are trying not to come off as arrogant. You are not perfectly sure of what people are sensitive to as far as criticism and much of what a good teacher does is criticize and give feedback on the student's ability to execute an idea. Rick was cool, he didn't have a thin skin and he was eager to learn. We got on well and he was open to everything. I wouldn't say we were tight yet in February 2014 when he overheard a conversation.

I was talking to my coworker Alan about the possibility of signing up for Crossfit in March. I was serious, I was about ready to finish my beginner strength and conditioning program and I wanted to get to the next level. Alan was informative and gave me a really balanced approach to the pros and cons of Crossfit. We were right outside my room before Rick walked in during our talk. He took a seat and silently listened to Alan and I talk.

Alan and I finished up our convo. I walked into my room and took a seat across from Rick. "Hi Rick, how's it going?"

"I'm good Phil." Without a pause he looked me directly in the eyes and said. "Don't join Crossfit. Don't join a gym. Don't pay anyone any money for personal training. Listen to me and I will show you how to look any way you want to look."

What struck me was the confidence he had. He didn't stutter, he didn't say "maybe" or "you could try" he stated it as clearly and as directly as a well trained lawyer stating a legal fact.

I leaned back in my chair. "Okay, I'm listening."

Rick went on to explain that he used to be heavy set and bulky. (He looked quite slim when we spoke) He lost a lot of excess weight and has kept it off by studying the right sources and discovering the right method for healthy weight loss. I was quite interested.

I said, "Great! Now the teacher has become the student!"

Rick said, "Next week I will prepare something for you to read. Are you free the half hour after our usual lesson next week?"

"Yes, sounds good!"

I was enthusiastic, yet sceptical. Wouldn't you be? One dude that I happen to teach had the golden ticket to lasting weight loss and health. I really half expected Rick to push some diet pill or weight watchers subscription on me. Then, if I turn him down things will be SUPER awkward during my lessons with this guy I barely know....

After our bass lesson he said, "I'll leave you with this. Google the quote from Socrates, 'No citizen has the right...'"

"Alright, will do."

As soon as he left, I looked it up on my computer. This image came up.



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