Hello, my name is Phil Romo. I was born on February 23rd, 1979.

My goal for my 40th birthday was to squat more than my body weight (I’m about 193 at the moment) for five sets of five reps. Here’s one of those sets.

I also accomplished my Motown project that has taken me over two years to finish.

I’ve only been weight training for four months now. I started my training program (Stronglifts 5 x 5) as soon as my doctor cleared me six months after my surgery. When I’m not actively training, a sense of dread kicks in to my life. The ever creeping spectre of death looms closer when I do not take on some form of voluntary suffering. Suffering in small doses, on my terms so that I do not have to suffer devastatingly and involuntarily.

I’ve abandoned the pursuit of happiness. I’ve adopted the pursuit of meaning.

Meaning is finishing a heavy set or completing a long run. Meaning is memorizing a difficult song. Meaning is practicing piano for hours just to stay ahead of my best students. Meaning is taking full responsibility for the unlikely, horrifying, terrible miracle of my existence.

Time is getting away from me, I have only so many years left and I am still not what I could be.

I am not saddened by this realization. I’m excited. I don’t skate around the fact that I’m older. I have grey hair, a receding hairline. I don’t tell people it’s the ten year anniversary of my 30th birthday. I’m 40, I’ve lived every second of it and I own everything I’ve done in that time. I refuse to let time take me. I will not be easy to kill.

Strong quote.jpg

I take this quote quite seriously. I have a lot at stake because people rely on me. I have two sons that my world revolves around.

My children don’t deserve a weak, feeble father. They don’t deserve a dad who is vain, decadent and resentful. When I lift Ethan, I want to feel like I can toss him in the air and launch him into space. In the years to come, I want JP to struggle to keep up a fast run with his old man.

I have much, much more living to do.

No Need For Gifts

I have my health. I have two beautiful kids. I have a loving and caring wife who’s one of the best people I’ve ever known. I get to play music every day. I teach people how to be good musicians and I’m damn good at it. I am fulfilled enough to appreciate my life but not so satisfied that I’m lazy. I can be more and I have more work to do. I am humble enough to learn, but experienced enough to know when I’m going down the wrong path.

My life is a gift. Every day is a gift.

40 feels pretty good. I wear it proudly. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.


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