I'm down 6 pounds since January 1st, 2018

I've stopped poisoning myself this past month. Although I have slipped a few days, my goal of 10g of sugar during the week has been fairly consistent. I've reacquainted myself with my Olympic rings and have begun running and cycling more often.

I haven't given up bread, but that is next to go in February. I rode up to Mt. Baldy with some friends this month. It's a drag to have to pull so much weight up a mountain but that's motivation to get lighter. 

February presents some new challenges. Monica is going back to work and Ethan and I will be together every morning. Hopefully, he'll tolerate me and give me a chance to squeeze out a set of push up's here and there.

I have found that scheduling my day ahead of time has been very useful. If I have a plan ahead of time it is easier for me to adhere to it. I feel beholden to myself to complete my daily tasks. I tend to get up at 6 AM daily whether I like it or not. I have that going for me at least.

January Health Goal

Daily Physical activity and cutting sugar to 10g a day- about 70% adherence. I could do better.

February Health Goal

Body Weight Fitness Recommended Routine Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Yoga/walks on Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday off and Sunday bike ride or run.

100g total carbs and 10g of sugar a day with a little leniency on the weekends. Don't go overboard.

Being more specific with the goals provides a better opportunity for adherence. I can't misinterpret these new goals and run roughshod over them when I feel lazy.

For those interested in losing weight through reduced carbohydrate intake, this infograph is quite handy.


January Career Goal

30 minutes of piano and 30 minutes of bass practice a day-  I'm proud to say that I was on the ball with this goal. Being a music teacher means practicing what I preach to my students. I am really enjoying the piano and I'm better now than I ever have been. Bass is improving as well, I had a gig last week and my playing felt smooth and effortless.

February Career Goal

Maintain practice regiment. Start Skype lessons and release new instruction videos/podcasts/blogs weekly.

Now that I'll be home with the baby I will (hopefully) have some quiet time during his naps to put out new material. I will commit to one new piece of content per week be it a bass transcription, blog, piano lesson or some other cool idea that I've been sitting on.

January Mindfulness Goal

Social Media Cleanse and Daily Meditation Practice- So this one was 50/50. The meditation is going great and I have made it a habit to start my day with 10 minutes of guided meditation. The social media cleanse started out great but I started to get roped in to funny/irrevent articles and yesterday I even engaged with some Trump supporters. Tsk tsk.

I can say for sure though that I am AWARE that I'm pulling out my phone and opening Facebook rather than it just being an unconscious habit. I can stop myself and pull away from the lure of Facebook and Instagram. I don't miss Twitter at all but I ought to start using it again for business reasons.

February Mindfulness Goal

Daily Meditation and 30 pages a day of reading before engaging in social media-  I have a lot of books to read this year and my time scrolling social media would be better spent reading Dostoevsky. I will use classical conditioning to reach for a book rather than my phone.

The Aiming Creature


Humans are uniquely adapted to aiming projectiles. Our shoulder girdle has the mobility to launch rocks and spears. Our ability to use a bow and arrow made us formidable hunters. Our eyes are designed to isolate an object in the distance and to head into that objects general direction. 

When I run, I fix my eyes to a point in the distance and use my body to reach that point as efficiently as possible. All my intention is aimed at reaching that point. As soon as I close in on that arbitrary point I orient myself onto another one. This process repeats until the run is over.

In order to focus my mind during meditation practice, I picture myself as an archer. I take my arrow, load my bow and aim at my target. Every inhale I load the arrow, every exhale I shoot. It keeps my mind from wandering and improves my focus.

When I was stressed out, I felt aimless I think it's a highly appropriate term. It's like all my energy was scattered in every direction. Everything was chaotic and my attention was fickle.

I'm beginning to think that humans are suited for aiming. I think it's an antidote for chaos, nihilism and depression. I think that if you have a worthy goal, then you have a reason to weather the storms of life even when things don't go your way. Let's be honest, they oftentimes don't.

I think that your safest bet is to always have an aim. Even if you miss, it's better than not aiming at all.






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